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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Street Chic Denim

Alright, let's kick start this post by giving this outfit a name. I'd love to call this look... Tada! Street Chic Denim! What? Haha! I love denim vests. They're so edgy and comfy and easy to pull off. So, yeah. Here's the look. 

Last night, my boyfriend called me and invited me out on a casual date. So I hurried to my closet (Oh, you know. Just me being me) and picked out a cozy sweater -- because I honestly thought it was gonna rain today. But it didn't. So I ended up wearing *glorious music* The Street Chic Denim.

For this look, I wore a floral corset top and a high-waist, animal-print skirt, topped off with a distressed denim vest. I could've worn flat sandals to show off my newly polished toe nails (Teehee) but I decided to wear my flat, brown booties instead. 

One good thing about denim vests? They never go out of style! Well, at least here in the Philippines. They are available at every mall and every clothing retail store. I got mine at a local fashion store, actually. I'm so sorry I forgot the name of the store! Anywho, you can't actually see the distressed detail in this photo because its mostly in the back part of the vest. But there's a picture of it up close below. 

Again, I love love love denim vests! I have another one which I bought from NEXT Jeans. They're just so comfy but stylish at the same time. Here's what I wore up close:

Moving on with the skirt and top... I got my animal-print skirt for P500 at Kirin-Kirin. It has this leathery texture which I absolutely love. Sorry I don't have a photo of it up close. But I tell you, the texture is ah-mazing. Now, the corset... I actually bought it in our University. Every students week, a huge bazaar is held and fashion tents emerge inside the Univ like mushrooms -- along the lake. In empty parking lots. Beside the Square -- they're pretty much everywhere. Anywho,  I got this corset top for only P150, if my memory serves me right. I like it. It fits beautifully. I have to go easy on food whenever I'm wearing this, though. It's just so damn tight. Haha!

For this look, I wore my flat, brown boots which I got during a sale at MOGAO, SM Pala-Pala. I got it for only P400! P400 people. Freaking P400! The quality is better than I expected. I bought it less than two years ago and it still looks brand new. Unlike Mom's boots from Rusty Lopez... The "leather" tore off too quickly! I guess Rusty Lopez is getting a little... rusty. Haha! Oh my gosh! So sorry for that lame attempt. :( I just had to say it! Haha!

Going back, I LOVE the studded sling bag I used in this look. It's so chic, so glam, so It girl-ish! I got it from Sabella. I forgot how much it costs, though. This fab sling bag  is cream in color and has a leathery texture. I love how it goes so well with the edgy denim vest! Just look at how chic it is...

Now, for the accessories... I wore a kind of like a rocker watch from Tomato and a huge, square ring which was a Christmas gift from my cousin. I also sported a Silver Works necklace which was a gift from my Mom. 

That is actually my birthstone, Garnet. Yes, I'm a January baby. I wonder what the shrinks say about girls who were born on January. Hm, let's find out... 

According to Yahoo! Answers, Capricorn women are neat, tidy, tall... Wait, what? Tall? Alright, I ain't reading this crap no more. Lies! Deceit! Haha! It did say January babies love to go on picnics, though. Uhh...What? Let's just get this post over with, shall we?

I'd like to bid you all good night with this very awkward self-portrait.

Hitting the hay now. Have a good night's sleep! Don't let the bed bugs bite. Teehee. Night everyone, 'til the next post! 

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