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Monday, November 4, 2013

The Best Café in Town

One of the perks of being a Liberal Arts student is definitely getting to learn the editorial stuff. This November, our block (COM41) will be releasing our very own Magazine entitled Chill, so watch out for it! It's not out yet, but maybe I can show you the magazine in some other entry. Anywho, I am the head layout artist of the whole thing and I almost died for the love of Editorial Management. I pulled consecutive all-nighters, I skipped a lotta meals and travelled from places to places just to give justice to this magazine. Shout out to our dearest professor, Ms. Congee Gomez, without whom we couldn’t have survived the semester.  

In search for advertisement clients, I visited a quaint coffee shop near my place. One of my recent discoveries. The café is called Sugarcube café & lounge. It just opened a few months back, and if you are from around here (Imus, Cavite), do visit this place! 

Here's a photo of the café's facade. You can also see the huts at the back. If it's your anniversary or something, you can book a reservation for a romantic candlelit dinner. It's for free!

Last February, my boyfriend surprised me with this 
simple dinner set up in this café.

I fell in love with the place after seeing it and meeting the crew. The café is in a pretty much serene and secluded area; it is located at Bayan Luma, Imus. It is owned by a friend of mine, Ms. Annabelle Kamantigue. She's really nice, so if you get to meet her, say hello for me. I actually do some print ads for them and I am their photographer as well, so yeah. I basically dine there for free. Haha! The cafe is open every Tuesdays to Sundays from 10am to 10pm. Sugarcube is WiFi-centralized, it has this calm ambiance with dim lights and good music. Ahh, perfect for the lovers out there. Haha!

Sugarcube’s best seller frappuccinos are Mocha Chip and Strawberry. The word in town is that their frappes taste like Starbucks’s so I had to taste it for myself. Indeed, the word in town is true! Their strawberry frappe has this creamy texture combined with a mildly sweet whipped cream on top and the frappe itself oozes with rich strawberry flavour.

The frappe is served in a venti drink size (591ml) at P115 while Starbucks have their venti frappes at P150. It definitely is a must-try. Plus, it is reasonably priced. Sugarcube also offers sandwiches and pasta. I suggest you try their BLT (Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato) and Tuna sandwich which cost at around P90-P100.

They serve Chicken Alfredo and Spaghetti at P110 that comes with stuffed garlic bread. For the yuppies, signature coffee lattes and espressos are served at P40-P70. They also have Mango and blueberry cheesecakes. 

Sugarcube is open for parties and events. Actually, a cinemalaya indie film starring Mara Lopez and Krista Miller was shot in Sugarcube just this August. The lounge is cozy, the food is great and the service is truly good. So if you want to chillax and have a good time with friends, drop by at the best café in town!


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