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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Back to Black

This is an outfit for all the bitter gals out there. Haha! Valentine's is nearing but who said single ladies can't celebrate on the fourteenth? Valentine's is a special occassion you can celebrate with friends and family too.

Anywho, I was supposed to film a Valentine look book but I got the flu. (Huhu) So I decided to just shoot an outfit indoors and yeah. I came up with this gothic, black and red outfit that you can wear on the fourteenth. 

Hooray for DIY flower crowns!

Here's the complete outfit.
So do you like it? I know it looks too dark, but it has this girly touch in it too, right? Uhm, about the top... I can't really remember where I got it, I just found it in my closet (yes, a deep treasure trove) haha. But if you have something lacey and kind of a see-through fabric then BINGO! That's the perfect top for this outfit. That's what we're looking for. Mine has this cute, red laces. YES! RED! The color of love, wee. And I also wore a DIY flower crown with a hint of red just to add a little happiness to the outfit. Haha!

Moving on... The skirt, it's in my previous outfit posts so I guess you already know where I got it. It's from an online shop called OOTD Online Store. So many cheap but trendy outfits there, please look them up on Instagram. :) I love skirts, most especially skaters. Skaters are very easy to pull off and very comfy, too. Alright, I'll tell you something. Whenever my sisters and I go shopping, we have this thing... We look fer shoes that are so hard to pull off and we try em on just to see how silly it looks on our feet. Whoever wears it best wins! 'Cause sometimes we just can't help but laugh when we see pumps with big ass ribbons on it and sparkles and jewels and you know... it's something very much LOL worthy. :))

Finally, the combat boots... For so long I've been wanting to buy combat boots... Tears in my eyes. Lol. So when I saw these babies displayed on Forever 21's glorious shelves, I grabbed 'em right away and make le boyfriend pay for em. Haha, kidding. He got me a lotta Forever 21 stuff fer my birthday last January. Teehee. Love him to bits!

Complete this outfit with a vibrant lip color (red or purple or whatever) and a big so-what-I'm single-what-do-you-care smile. I hope everyone enjoys on the fourteenth and ooh, I just realized it lands on a Friday! Wee TGIF for you guys! Not for me tho, huhu. We got this thing coming up, it's called AdSpeak '14, it's like a big event for advertising majors. We joined and submitted a lotta entries. PSAs of all sorts. Print, Radio, TV, Digital, you name it. Anywho, I hope we win something! Wish me luck!

And ooh, I still hope I can film that valentine lookbook, tho. :( So yeah, bye bye guys! Be better not bitter!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Brows! Brows! Brows!

Hi! How are you guys? How did you spend your holidays? I had an ah-mazing Christmas vacation with my family. We went to the mountains and had a little nature retreat. Yes, a day with no cell reception and poor internet connection but I managed to survive! Haha! The view was awesome though, we stayed at my uncle’s farm for a day. We trekked through the woods and found our way out to the beautiful Pagsanjan falls. It’s in Laguna, by the way. Sadly, we didn't get to see the whole thing. Because we were actually on top of it. Just imagine how quiet the place was. I’ll put up an individual post about it when I can ‘cause I swear you have to see it! 

Anyway, I promised to blog about some products I mentioned on my Twitter and Instagram accounts last year (wow, seems like ages ago already haha) and finally, I had time to write… So yeah, I better get on it…

So! I’ve been getting a lot of requests to do a tutorial on how I do my brows. It’s funny ‘cause honestly, I don’t know what you see in them. For me, brows are very hard to maintain ‘cause I was not blessed with thick and well-groomed brows. Naturally, my brows are thin and sparse, so usually I just draw on them or fill them in. You can look up brow shaping tutorials on Youtube (check out MichellePhan) or if you’re feeling lazy, just have the experts do it for you.

It’s important for us girls to keep our brows groomed because they frame our eyes. They kinda give a slight lift to the eyes, making them look more awake. On days when I don’t feel like wearing makeup, I just swipe on my favourite lip balm from Burt’s Bees and fill-in my brows with this baby. 
P.S. Please excuse the grainy photo as it was taken from my mobile phone.
This is the Perfect Brow Kit from Etude House, it comes with a little spooley and a two-way brush. It has two colors, black and taupe, and the shimmery thing on the corner is a highlighter. Don’t worry about a little shimmer, it just adds twinkle to your eyes. A little isn’t bad. Oh, and I almost forgot! A big mirror is already attached to the kit. 

So what I do is I brush my brows in place using a spooley and  I fill them in with the help of the two-way brush;  I use the sharp end for building up my arch. I like to use the lighter shade (taupe) on the inner half of my brows and the darker shade (black) on the tail of my arch. That technique makes my brows look softer and more natural. After that, I use a cotton swab to wipe away harsh edges and apply a bit of highlighter on my brow bone using my ring finger.

Tada! Here's how it looks like.

Bold brows for the win!

The downside of this product is that 1) it's a longer method than simply drawing on your brows with a brow pencil 2) the spooley and the brush are way too little, I find it difficult to work with small brushes 3) the product is pricey compared to brow pencils; it costs Php400, I think. 

Natural-looking brows are the bomb. You’re lucky if you have super bold brows like Lilly Collins or Cara Delevingne. But for girls like me, we always have to make an extra effort in grooming our brows. 

So there you go. I hope somehow this helps. My next post would be about Burt's Bees products. Totally lovin' them right now! Till the next post, buhbye!