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Monday, November 4, 2013

Unnecessary Intro

Ola! I am Bree, the Little Mademoiselle. First things first. Is Bree my real name? No. Please let me reintroduce myself. I am Denise Gabrielle Abad Almera. A mouthful, I know. But GAB is fine. I attended college at De La Salle University – Dasmariñas, took up Communication Arts with a course track in Advertising. Phew! I’m twenteen (shining bright since ‘94), and I hail from the Republic of the Philippines. A true Filipina by blood and heart. I recently started working for an Ayala company, Alveo Land Corp., as a Sales Development Associate. Basically, we plan and organize events for Alveo employees. Our goal is to keep them happy at Alveo. :) 

So... Why Bree? I don’t know. Just cause. Haha! I drew it from my second name, Gabrielle. Gay-bree-yell. Haha! It’s kinda like the nickname I wish I had. And… Why Little Mademoiselle? Well, prolly because I am the epitome of the word little. Haha! Kidding. But no, really. Little Mademoiselle because I am a very petite lady. What is my height? That, my friend, I will not reveal. Haha! In my dreams I am 5’9”, though. I wish I had supermodel legs that would go on forever but… what the heck, right? Nobody’s perfect. So, why Bree Vendredi? Vendredi is the French word for Friday. Who doesn’t love Fridays? I have a thing for Fridays. Let’s just say I met my dream guy on a Friday and we went steady on a Friday, too. Two years after we met. Ah, blame it on fate’s design… The culprit! Haha! Ooh, so much cheese!

Anywho, I love love love love love love cosmetics, clothes, shoes, jewelry and all the other girly stuff you see on Tumblr. I love food. I love shopping. Typical, huh? I love mermaids. I'm cray cray over vamps, too. Especially hotties like... the Salvatore brothers. Hihi! I love to sing. I love dancing. I'm into photo and video editing, digital art.  I love travelling. I love taking pictures and whatnot. So if you dig the same stuff I do, we’ll definitely get along home girl! Haha! Thank you for viewing my page! Feel free to leave comments. Have fun! 


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